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The NPBusiness Show is all about knowledge equaling success. All NPs, all healthcare providers need to understand the basics of business in order to be successful. But that’s not all. We need news, strategies, professional and personal development and the permission to self care. Your host Barbara C Phillips, MN, GNP-BC, FNP-BC, FAANP is a entrepreneur, business coach, speaker, blogger and strives to be a bit geeky. She and her guest discuss questions and issues pertaining to the clinical and non-clinical entrepreneur as well as the employed nurse practitioner. The NPBusiness Show is a continuation of the SAGEClinician podcast with a business twist. Show notes and further information is at NPBusiness.ORG/podcast.
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Nov 19, 2014

About this Episode of SAGEClinician:Samantha Alvarez FNP on

On this episode of SAGEClinician Samantha and I talk about professional burnout and steps we can take to prevent and recover from it.

We also talk about travel, self care. Samantha talks about her year of heart cleansing and what it means.

She shares with us two exercises that can be done in just minutes per day to reduce your stress (and one of them you can do in the exam room with patients), and help you get back on track.

In addition to mindfulness and travel, Samantha discusses languages and discusses some easy ways to  learning various languages (she is multi-lingual). I should have known this when I took French in the 7th you'll be able to hear, I did not retain much!

And of course we talk about The Burnout Recovery Guide!

WHO is Samantha Alvarez, NP?

Samantha Alvarez, MS, FNP  graduated from Northern Arizona University (BSN) in 2005 and Oregon Health and Science University (MS) in 2009. She is  a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, as well as the Mindfulness Association.

She has flirted with burnout almost daily during my years of experience as a family practice NP since 2009. She has maintained a daily mindfulness practice for over 11 years, and it has been crucial in maintaining balance in my life and practice. She has been active in attending over one hundred conferences, seminars and workshops relating to meditation, mindfulness and other self-healing practices.

Outside of her NP and mindfulness practices, she loves to sing, laugh, travel and learn new things, especially languages (Speaking three and a half: English, Spanish, Portuguese and enough Japanese to get herself in

Her new book, The Burnout Recovery Guide, is designed to help you feel better in five minutes per day.


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